Sunday, 31 May 2015

About Me

Dear Friends, 

I am Prem. A person who Live Beautifully, Laugh heartily and Love Passionately.

I heartily welcome you to my blog filled with positive energy. I am really happy to see you here. 

I have searched the answers for good health, happiness and inner peace for the past 14 years. During which I have read many books, attended many workshops, and got a chance to meet great enlightened masters. With the grace of the Divine intelligence and Masters I have been answered almost all my queries. However, the answers have surprised me, that good health, happiness,inner peace, the path for enlightenment is already within everyone of us and sadly, we are searching for it outside. Once we change the search direction inwards, we will surely achieve it.  

I have started writing this blog to spread the wisdom which I have got during my journey which have transformed my life in a positive direction. If you follow the techniques and teachings written in this blog with FAITH, I can assure you that your life also will be transformed completely. 

Below Zig Zaglar's quote is one of the key inspiration for writing this blog. 

This blog is dedicated for Motivation,Manifestation,Meditation,Positivity,Personal Growth and Wellness.If you have got good health, happiness,inspiration and peace of mind by visiting this blog, it will be considered as the best recognition for my writing. 

Stay blessed. Be Optimistic. Live. Laugh. Love.  

I pray to the God for his guidance and protection to "You" and "Your beautiful family" and to this beautiful world. Let the love and light spread this whole world.  

I have presented the skills which I have got during my journey of 14 years. I still have a lot and lots to things to learn, but I'm happy to share what I've learned along the way. I am still a hungry student willing to learn lot of good things and spread it to this beautiful world.If you have some of interesting article or material related to Positivity, meditation, health, happiness please send it to me [].

Certifications :
  • Diploma in Acupunture [ D.A.T ] 
  • Reiki [ Level 3.5 ] 
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming [ NLP ]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique [ EFT ]
  • Hypnosis 
Workshop & Seminars :
  • Naturopathy 
  • Ayurveda 
  • Meditation  [ Mantra, Alpha, Light, Anapanasati, etc ] 
  • Yoga 
  • Divine Healing 
  • Spirituality
  • Law of Attraction 
Other Skills : 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Men are from Mars and women are from Venus
  • Feng Shui
  • How to heal ourselves
  • Buddhist Wisdom  
  • Angel Healing
  • etc

Awards & Recognition :
I am delighted to receive "The Happiest Zen" Award from my beloved Happy Zen members on 15.07.16 [ On my birthday ]. I dedicate this Award to the lotus feet of God, as HE is the one who guides me in the right direction. 

In the Award it is printed as "for creating positivity in the self, in the workplace, in the society through happy Zen blog, happy Zen group, kith and kin, and organizing events of masters etc".

I take this opportunity to thank God, my masters, my wife, my parents, my friends and the happy zen members for their continuous support and love. All proud to God. 

Wish you all a good health, happiness, inner peace, success and prosperity. God bless you. 

Love & Light,
Prem Kumar 


  1. Good work Prem!.thanks for arranging one day program by H.Baskar. How about planning a 3-5day session - sathya

  2. Great initiative buddy. All the best. God bless you.

  3. Hi Prem,
    Feeling proud to have a buddy like you. You looked very simple and didn't know all these extraordinary things about you when met you. It is all great work for a healthy society and wish you all the very best for future endeavors too...!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Dear Hema,

      Thank you very much for your kind words.All the proud belongs to GOD.

      Thank You,
      Prem Kumar

  4. Hi Prem,

    I still remember the days in LG, where you teach lot of healthy tips for all of us and end up eating junk food during late night work...haha. Its great to see that you expanded your customer base now(just kidding) and spreading health and positivity of-course to satisfy your soul and make it fruitful whatever you have learnt during your journey. wonderful initiative...hope it will reach millions of people and make a change in their lives. Happy blogging...sharing...preaching..

    1. Dear Siva,

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Such kind words motivates and fuels me more to do more such service to our lovable humanity. Be happy and keep smiling.

      With Bliss,
      Prem Kumar

  5. Can I be guided to go ahead with mirror meditation.already am doing mindfulness meditation for 5 yrs .I.need u to some links in this regard .can u ? Thank u

    1. Hello Mahee,

      Vipassana Meditation [ Performed by Buddha ] is considered as the master of all Meditations in this world. You can do that meditation. However, I personally suggest you to do any meditation that your mind and soul likes.

      I haven't heard much about Mirror Meditation. Incase if I get some information, I will surely share you.

      Thank you, Prem

  6. Hi prem sir,
    Thanks for giving health tips and good suggestion

    1. Wish you good health and happiness bro. Stay blessed.


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